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I'm from Austria - which means: Please excuse my English

CBEnhancer RTF to HTML

CBEnhancer is designed to enable fast and customizable code pasting to blogs, forums or web content.

I know there are a lot of tools doing exactly what I'm talking about.
There are tools using their own syntax analyzer.
These analyzers work more or less well.
Of course they don't know my classes (for an example). So coloring will fail for this.
Or I use some new (or external) extensions. Again - the tool can't know about them - so coloring for classes will fail.
Here the output of two different tools:

This is the original view of the content in Visual Studio:

And that's the CBEnhancer result:
00 using System;
01 using System.Collections.Generic;
02 using System.Linq;
03 using System.Web;
05 namespace ManniAT.DataThings {
06     [LoaderOptimization(LoaderOptimization.SingleDomain)]
07     public partial class WebContent : IDisposable {
08         partial void OnCreated() {
09             System.String myString = "Test";
10             ChangeDate = DateTime.Now;    //just a test
11         }
12     }
13 }
Looks almost the same as in Visual Studio :)
Notice - class colors, string color, Attribut color..
Only the green underline (variable not used warning) isn't their - I happy no one sees it.

But CBEnhancer can do more for you... Take a look at the details