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CBEnhancer Details

This Tool is based on the Rich Text Format Visual Studio and other editors transfer to the clipboard.
Which means the following:

  • You will get what you see in your code editor.
  • Formatting doesn't depend on what the tool knows about your language.
  • CBEnhancer reflects the color settings of you code editor.

If you change a color for a specific item - CBEnhancer will display that item in the selected color.
I was looking around and found exactly one tool which does this kind of conversion.
The problem - the tool only works with LiveWriter - and the rest (not the colors) of the formatting possibilities are a bit poor.
If a line is too long to fit my blog - it gets cut of.
If I paste a longer (more lines) of code it fills my blog.
If I paste by accident (or I selected to little/much) it's hard to remove the pasted code...

Some Problems:

  • Code is not on the left side - steals space (horizontal).
  • Code would fill a lot of space (vertical) - no scrolling.
  • Code is cut off.

Yes - there are other Tools doing this better - but there other problems (coloring, unknown classes..) occur.
See the Overview for some samples about other tools.

To overcome these problems I decided to write my own tool. With some suggestions and feature wishes from friend it became a thing which is able to do a lot for blogging coders.

Main Features:

  • Line Numbering (optional and customizable)
  • Configurable width (with automatic horizontal scrolling)
  • Configurable vertical scrolling
  • Remove of leading / trailing blank lines (configurable)
  • Left adjustment of snippets (configurable and also for XAML which is a bit difficult with VS)
  • Clipping as Text or HTML (some web editors need HTML Clipboard format)
  • Configurable Background
  • ...

Take a look at the configuration screen:

This screen shot shows what you can configure. Some Items are self-explanatory. The others offer help in form of a ToolTip. Click here to see how this looks.
Finally CBEnhancer sits in the system tray and waits for you to press a Hotkey.
Then it converts the RTF in the clipboard to what you need for your web editor.

There is also an automatic mode - so every RTF in the clipboard gets immediately converted.
If you wish successful conversion is committed by a sound.
And if you need special styles - enter your own CSS style rules.