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CBEnhancer the Editions

First and most important notice - no matter which edition - all have the same features.
The differences are found in updates and support.
The reason is easy - if I offer support this means I'll have to spend time - time is money :)
If someone says - hey I'm a coder I know what I do - he can save money.
On the other hand if he says - I know what I do, but who knows what the tool does... - he can save time.

Licensing is done per computer (Activation) - you can change the computer when ever you want.

CBEnhancer edition comparison:

Edition: Donation Standard Professional Corporate
Licenses: 1 Developer 1 Developer 1 Developer 1 Organization
Support: None Forums Forums (Priority)
Updates: None Minor free / 12 (6****) Months 20% Rebate
Delivery: Email Immediate download
Payment: PayPal Esellerate
Invoice: None From the store provider (includes VAT-ID support)
Special: Generates this small formatted (9px) link:
Created by CBEnhancer
as extra line at the end of pastes***
Access to intermediate Versions
for 1 Year
Availability: Not sure** Now Now Now
Price (Euros):* 10 € 29 € 69 € 179 €
Purchase:   Buy now Buy now Buy now

     * Shops work with Euros - but are based on USD - so the values are a bit estimated
   ** Earliest time to expect this edition is November (if we ever make it)
 *** Link: <a href="" target="_blank" style="font-size:9px;">Created by CBEnhancer</a>
        Only Donation / Standard Editions add this link as extra line on the end of converted code (See samples)
**** 6 Months 20% update period for Standard Edition


Updates are free within major versions (Except Donation Edition - the offer no kind of update path).
Example - you bought 1.0; Updates to 1.1, 1.3, 1.x will be free.
For other updates you'll get 20% rebate within one the time period (6 months Standard, 1 year Pro and Corporate) after purchase. To get this rebate you have to register the product.



Support is always handled via Forums. Standard, Professional and Corporate owners have write access.
Users of the Donation Edition have read access.
Priority support means, that new posts result in a direct notification to the support team and will be handled immediately if possible.