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CBEnhancer LiveWriter Plugin

To paste HTML Content in LiveWriter you normally have to choose "Paste Content" and then select HTML.
LifeWriter Paste content

With the CBEnhancer LiveWriter Plugin it's just one mouse click to do the job.
A massive portion of code - insert a block with scrolling....

CBEnhancer Scroll block

Or just a little snippet - but with line numbers...
CBEnhancer small snippet

If normal text is in the clipboard it will act like the default paste
- if HTML formatted content is there it works like "Paste Content / HTML".
I also use this without CBEnhancer - it's simply faster than "Paste Content".
I didn't find a way to assign a Hotkey to a Plugin - else I would say it's perfect.

The CBEnhancer LiveWriter Plugin is part of CBEnhancer Installation.
You can also download if from the Live Gallery.