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CBEnhancer Samples

First of all - this page is generated from a Database.
So I edit the content in a web editor - the samples are pasted with CBEnhancer - simply pressing CTRL+V.

The link for Donation / Community edtions looks like this:

public MainPage() {
    //the service was bound via local webserver - ensure that we call the correct one
    //this is allways a good idea - since it is possible that the control runs on a different host
    Uri BaseUri = Application.Current.Host.Source;    //get the uri of the source http://some.domain.from/ClientBin...
    m_strWebBaseAddress = BaseUri.AbsoluteUri.Substring(0, BaseUri.AbsoluteUri.IndexOf("/ClientBin") + 1);    // search for client bin - and use the text before (+1 to keep the /)
    //and build an endpointaddress
    m_epaServiceAddress = new EndpointAddress(m_strWebBaseAddress + "Services/TwitterCache.svc");    // build the service URI http://some.domain.from/ + Servicename
    m_dT = new DispatcherTimer();
    m_dT.Interval = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(1);
    //m_dT.Interval = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(10);
    m_dT.Tick += new EventHandler(m_dT_Tick);
Snippet created with CBEnhancer

Some little snippet without a border:

<style type="text/css">
        margin6px 0 3px;
        margin3px 0 3px;

And here more samples in an extra window