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CBEnhancer technical and support information

CBEnhancer is primarily a developer tool. So I built it to be "tolerant".
This means (for an example) you can enter "to stupid to enter a number" in the width field.
You will get no error message - and no result (old value will be applied).

Additional to testing me and some colleagues use this tool extensively.

I use it on XP Pro SP3 and Windows 7 RTM (English and German).
It is also used on windows Vista Ultimate German.  

Supported Editors (Source):

CBEnhancer is intended to use it with Visual Studio 2005 / 2008 (Express is OK).
But - it will generally work with any code editor that transfers RTF content to the clipboard.
We do not support issues with specific editors or other third party RTF sources.


.NET Framework 3.5 SP1
About 5 MB Disk space.
That's it.



Support request are handled via our forums.
Normally you will get an answer within one or two working days (consider UTC +1 for Austria).
Exception: scheduled dates (Holidays, Conferences...).
- At these times we check from remote and it may take a bit longer to get an answer.
Priority Support (Professional / Corporate Edition) is handled the same way - the difference:
- a post results in direct support notification and is normally handled (during working hours) on the same day.

Intermediate Versions:

User of CBEnhancer professional / CBEnhancer Corporate will be able to download intermediate version after Registration.
These Versions are not fully tested and include the latest enhancements.
Although not fully tested the version should be stable and usable in production environment.