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Details about the K8055N35 .NET Component

K8055N35 is a .NET component written in C# native code. It allows you to access the  Velleman USB Experiment Interface Board - the K8055.

K8055N35 features:

  • Multithreaded
  • 64bit support
    Watch the "WinForms" video which was built on Windows 7 x64 
  • Detection of Board Attachment / Remove
    Normally you don't have care about it in code - K8055N35 does the work for you
  • Runs (if you want) in multiple instances
    For an example - one application interacts with the board (sets values)
    while a different application logs data from the board
  • Native code (no need for extra DLLs)
    Easy to distribute no need to ship / install a driver or such a thing
  • Works in services
    Examples: Silverlight Board access via RIA Services, distributed applications, access via a website
  • Rich Event Model (important if you work with WinForms or in Services)
  • Full WinForms support (auto invoking UI elements)
  • Full WPF Support (auto delegate)
  • Fully .NET bindable (WPF binding)
    I provide a video about the WPF use in Visual Studio (Express also supported)
  • All elements are visible for designers (Expression Blend 3)
    I provide 2 videos about "programming with the mouse" :)
  • Full Intellisense support (every item in Intellisense has a description)
    See some shoots in the Intellisense section here on the details
  • Usable with Zero Lines of Code (in practice you'll write about 1 to 5 lines)