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K8055N35 the Editions

First and most important notice - no matter which edition - all have the same features.
The differences are found in updates and support.
The reason is easy - if I offer support this means I'll have to spend time - time is money :)
If someone says - hey I'm a coder I know what I do - he can save money.
On the other hand if he says - I know what I do, but who knows what the tool does... - he can save time.

Licensing is done per developer / computer (Activation) - you can change the computer when ever you want.

There are no runtime fees!

Simple Sample:
You have one developer and build 3 different applications which you sell 200 times.
You need: One license
Other Sample:
You have 4 developers and build 1 application which you sell 3000 times.
You need 4 licenses - due to the price calculation a Corporate Edition would be cheaper.

K8055N35 edition comparison:

Edition: Standard Professional Corporate
Licenses: 1 Developer 1 Developer 1 Organization
Support: Forums Forums (Priority)
Updates: Minor free / 12 (6**) Months 20% Rebate
Delivery: Immediate download
Payment: Esellerate
Invoice: From the store provider (includes VAT-ID support)
Special: None Access to intermediate Versions
for 1 Year
Availability: Soon Soon Soon
Price (Euros):* 59 € 99 € 279 €
Purchase: Buy now Buy now Buy now

  * Shops work with Euros - but are based on USD - so the values are a bit estimated
** 6 Months 20% update rebate for Standard Edition


Updates are free within major versions.
Example - you bought 1.0; Updates to 1.1, 1.3, 1.x will be free.
For other updates you'll get 20% rebate within one the time period (6 months Standard, 1 year Pro and Corporate) after purchase. To get this rebate you have to register the product.


Support is always handled via Forums.
Priority support means, that new posts result in a direct notification to the support team and will be handled immediately if possible.