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Videos about using the K8055N35 component

These videos show how to use the K8055N35 .NET component to build applications for the Velleman USB Experiment Interface Board K8055.

Microsoft Expression Blend Detailed Version 
A detailed video showing how to use K8055N35 as "Drag an Drop" datasource
Duration: about 30 Minutes
Audience: Everyone
Microsoft Expression Blend Fast Version 
A faster version of the video above showing one more feature - but less description
Duration: about 15 Minutes
Audience: People knowing Microsoft Expression Blend data-binding and WPF
Microsoft Visual Studio
A video showing how to use K8055N35 as ObjectDatasource in Microsoft Visual Studio
Duration: about 25 Minutes
Audience: Everyone whose preferred tool is the keyboard not the mouse :)
64bit Windows Forms
A video showing how to use K8055N35 in a WinForms application using events
Duration: about 35 Minutes
Audience: Everyone who wants to use the K8055 in classic Windows Forms
I know there is one thing missing:
A video about using K8055N35 as service.
I'll make it - I promise - as soon as I find an empty time slot somewhere.